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Looking for Pain Relief?

We offer pain relief treatment for conditions like headaches, back or neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis and physical injury. 
There is nothing worse than living with pain.  Day in, day out it stops you from doing everything you want to do – everything you love.

Don’t put up with the pain, and don’t allow your condition to become worse.

Choose a natural and effective approach that often may eliminate the need for drugs and surgery.

We offer pain relief treatment through our advanced chiropractic technique called Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) and the expert massage of our massage therapists.  You can read more about CBP on the Chiropractic Care page.

For pain relief to be truly effective and long lasting we need to first find out what is causing it.  We don’t believe in masking it with medication and believe that surgery should be your last resort.

We assess and analyse your spinal alignment to find what is causing your pain.  We don’t deal only with symptoms – we go straight to the problem and do our best to correct it.  Through a carefully-planned series of treatments and exercises we work with you to improve your spinal alignment and move towards a pain-free life.

A correctly aligned spine will ease the pressure on the areas of your body which are causing you pain, allowing the body to heal itself.  We give pain relief without the need for invasive treatment.
Whether you are suffering from long term pain or you have a recent injury, chiropractic treatment has proven to be very effective in pain relief. Take advantage of our special offer and come in for a FREE information session on a Monday and Tuesday evening at 7pm. Call 9329 1118 to book your seat.

Experiencing pain? Need to book in for a Chiropractic Assessment?

Book in for our comprehensive 30min. 
assessment including:

  • Neurological, postural, orthopaedic and Chiropractic assessment
  • PostureScreen© photo analysis
  • Discuss your medical history, current issues and if Chiropractic can assist you

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Book in for our comprehensive 30min. Chiropractic assessment


Does the key to great health
reside in your spine?

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