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Pediatric Information Evening AUGUST 29TH, 7pm

Posted on 26th July, 2017 - Comments

Our children are our best asset. As a parent of two, like most parents I wanted that my children were bright, active, content and that they made friends with ease.

Whether our children are learning to read, kick a ball or ride a bike, each and every activity requires some sort of movement. Eye movement with reading, leg movement and core activation for kicking and so on. You get the picture. All learning comes from movement and all movement needs a SOUND NERVE SYSTEM.

As a baby our brains are very immature and we need lots of nurturing. There are many factors, from preconception diet, the birth process to how much physical contact the baby has that effects their development.

With this presentation we will help you track your baby's development and give you lots of easy tips to help your baby grow in to a beautiful adult.


Dr.Lisa's (chiropractor) Sourdough Bread Recipe

Posted on 3rd May, 2017 - Comments

Do you enjoy a slice of good quality sourdough bread? Whether it's plain or with feta and olives or even fruit? Does it look too hard to make?

Well, Dr. Lisa Smycz (chiropractor) has been making sourdough bread for her family for years and has a fast and easy recipe for you to try.