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Our necks do a lot of work throughout the day.  Often it’s not until we have neck pain that we realise how often we bend, turn or twist that small portion of our spines.

Because it is such a small and slender part of the body, it’s easy for neck injuries to occur. After all, it’s holding the weight of our heads, which can weigh as much as a bowling ball, at the top of it!  Yet we still expect our necks to bend and flex without issue.

If you are experiencing neck pain/stiffness it could be caused by injury, but often it is caused by poor posture or stress and tension. 

When we feel stressed, the muscles around our neck and upper back tense up.  If the stress is ongoing, the muscles stay tight and eventually pull the neck or shoulder out of alignment, causing pain.

When we hunch over the computer, or continually bend to do our jobs, our posture can suffer.  If we slump as we walk, it throws the neck forward and the weight of the skull is no longer balanced properly on the spine.

Treatment involves aligning the spine once again and may involve massage to help ease the tension from the muscles.  Our advanced chiropractic technique, Chiropractic BioPhysics, may help to bring the spine back to normal alignment and with specially chosen exercises, help keep it there.

Ease the pain in your neck today with gentle chiropractic treatment.

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