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Our highly trained team of massage therapists specialise in deep tissue and soft tissue massage.

Massage therapy is a natural partner for chiropractic care. 

Chiropractic care concentrates on the spine and framework of the body.  Massage works on the soft tissues, muscles and ligaments which are connected to the body’s framework.  By combining chiropractic with massage, the body may heal more quickly and stay well for longer periods.

When your body and spine are out of alignment it puts your muscles under increased stress and tension. They learn to hold your body in the new and incorrect position.  Massage can ease the tension from your muscles and ligaments, supporting the newly aligned spine and helping the body to move properly again.

While a great massage is very relaxing, it also stimulates the healing process in your sore or damaged muscles. It encourages blood to flow freely through the area, bringing oxygen and nutrients to heal your body. 

Therapeutic massage uses a blend of soft and deep tissue massage to ease your pain.

Soft tissue massage uses a series of strokes of different pressure and length, with the therapists hands gliding across the body, gently kneading and stretching the muscles.

Deep tissue massage uses similar techniques but sometimes with more pressure so it can reach the tissues deeper below the skin.  If you have a muscle that is especially tense or knotted, deep tissue massage will focus on that spot to release the tension.

Both forms of massage are excellent for helping sports or long term injuries.  It helps with injury prevention by allowing the body to move freely and with ease. Book an appointment with one of our massage therapists today.

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Book in for our comprehensive 30min. Chiropractic assessment


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