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Chiropractic treatment is ideal for relieving the pain of migraine, sinus or tension headaches.

Headaches can be caused by many things including stress, illness and the misalignment of the back or neck. It’s a debilitating form of pain that is very hard to live with. Our chiropractic assessment will help us detect if you have any spinal misalignment, which may be causing your headaches.

Migraine treatment

A migraine can be such a powerful headache that it can totally disable sufferers for some time.  Statistics tell us that around two million Australians suffer from migraine.

Migraines occur when the nerves send out messages to the blood vessels in the brain, telling them to constrict and dilate. The pulsing of the blood vessels is painful. Chiropractic treatment of migraines involves realigning the spine so the nerves can function normally again and blood flow to the brain and blood vessels is improved.

Sinus headache

The sinuses are affected by nerves in the brain and the neck region.  If your neck is out of alignment it puts pressure on surrounding nerves and that can show as sinus pain. Simply realigning the spine can release the pressure on nerves and allow the sinuses to clear as they should.

Tension headache

Tension headaches are often caused by the tension we carry in our necks and shoulders when we are stressed or overworked.  The muscles tighten up so much that they pull the neck or shoulders out of alignment, putting pressure on the surrounding nerves and blood vessels.

The chiropractic treatment of tension headache helps to ease muscular tension and bring the spine and bodily framework back into alignment. This takes the pressure off the nerves and blood vessels, relieving the headache. If you are suffering from any kind of headache, choose chiropractic for a natural, drug free, fast and effective treatment for the relief of your pain. Book an appointment.

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