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Paediactric Information Evening - What to look out for in their development and What can you do to help your child be their BEST

Tuesday August 29th 7pm

The birth process can be naturally harsh on your baby’s tiny body. Forceps (with or without caesarean section) or vacuum extraction may add even more pressure to the nerves in your baby’s spine and affect how they grow and develop.

For your baby to grow and enjoy a normal, healthy childhood, the nerve system must be functioning properly. It is the baby’s movements that encourage and stimulate the wiring (or growing) of the brain. So, it’s a two way system where messages need to be able to flow from the brain to the body without irritation and back again for optimal development to occur. Only a well functioning spine will allow this. Obviously, development is also dependant on other factors such as nutrition and the environment.

All learning comes from movement and it is well coordinated movements that precedes learning. If your child is slow to develop gross motor skills such as marching or hopping they are likely to struggle with fine motor skills like reading and writing, too.   

Although there may be no visible signs of trauma at birth, the impact can show up later in your child’s life – and in ways you might not associate with the birth. This is why looking at a baby's early development is so important and any set backs, or gaps may lead to problems later in their motor and cognitive development.

Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

  • The baby startles easily past 5 months of age
  • Your child is not crawling or walking by 8 and 12months respectively
  • Baby walks before they crawl
  • Your baby hates tummy time
  • Your baby screams in the back of the car while traveling
  •  AND LATER ON......
  • The child may have difficulty learning to write or read, even though they seem bright enough
  • He or she may have trouble catching a ball around 5 years of age
  • Your child misses social cues and struggles to make friends

Getting to know each other at birth can be quite daunting to parents, and stressing about how their developing and whether we are doing the best thing for our child can be avoided.

This information session is for all parents to be and parents of babies and young children.




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Monday & Tuesday Information Sessions

Every Monday evening Dr Lisa Smycz (chiropractor) and every Tuesday night Dr. Brittany Delves (chiropractor), conduct an information sessions at the Centre, which answers the question ‘Does the key to great health reside in your spine?’

The session runs for half an hour and includes a free spinal check-up and answers to FAQs.

The sessions are free but we appreciate you booking. Please contact Reception on 9329 1118 to book your seat.

Start time: 7:00pm
Venue: 222 Errol St, North Melbourne
Light refreshments are provided.

Participants of all ages and backgrounds find these sessions immensely valuable. It’s a way to get some clear information about how the body works and how best to take care of yourself and your own spinal health.

Maximised Wellness Program

Do you ever feel overloaded by health information in the media? From industry scare tactics about what you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T eat through the ever changing fads around diet, exercise, health and wellness – how can you possibly know what’s true and what is right for you?

The Maximised Wellness Program cuts through all the confusion. This five-part program is designed to provide accurate, factual and useful information so you are empowered with knowledge and also the skills to sort truth from fiction when it comes to health and wellness.

This exciting new program launched in 2014 and is already proving hugely popular. All sessions start at 7pm and run for approximately 1.5 hours.

You can join at any time, come to every session or just the ones that interest you. $30 per seminar or $120 for the 5 seminars. Refreshments are served. Call us on 9329-1118 to reserve your seat.

Maximise Nutrition:

In this seminar we will cover the Metagenics Detox program for those who want to kick-start the year. We will talk about health myths, such as 'fats are bad for us', why sugar, even in fruit, can make you fat, and what current research is saying about eating wheat and how it can turn off your 'I'm full' hormone in your brain!  

You will learn how to eat in accordance to your genetic make-up, not in accordance to what the wheat boards, or dairy boards, or government say!! 

Minimise Stress : 
Learn how stress can manifest in your life. We generally don't think we are under stress and undesirable health effects will surface, such as reduced immunity (e.g. frequent colds), impaired gut function etc. You will learn how to spot these signs and learn some relaxation techniques. 

We will have a guest speaker who will teach us some basic relaxation/meditation techniques.

Maximise Exercise : 
We all know that exercise is important! We are going to learn the reasons for exercising that doctors and other health professionals don't talk about that will change the way you approach exercise. 

We are going to look at spending less time exercising for the maximum benefits! Who wouldn't want that! 

Maximise Nerve Energy :
Your brain and spinal cord (central nerve system) control your body, your movement, your ability to think, your organ function … EVERYTHING. 

Learn how to improve your body's ability to get this nerve energy around your body so you FEEL FABULOUS and LOOK FABULOUS (optimising posture). 

Minimise Toxins : 
Do you know that products you put on your skin e.g., shampoo, makeup, laundry powders, moisturizers may contain chemicals that affect your sex hormones! Some deodorants contain components that are found in breast tumours. Isn't it time you had a really good look around your home and CLEANED UP the chemicals? Remember when placing chemicals on our skin they go straight into our blood steam as they have not been detoxed by the gut.   

Learn what to look out for on packaging and product information and how to clean up the chemicals you use on your body.

Thermomix 5 (digital) cooking class 

Date to be announced
We have the privilege of a super Thermomix demonstrator, Catherine Day, preparing over 8 courses of mouth watering, delicious foods with the help of the new Thermomix 5 (and myself - doing the washing up!!) If you haven't seen a Thermomix before, or you have a Thermomix (TM31) and are curious to see how the new one works, or you just don't feel like cooking, then join us for a super healthy dinner. COMPLETELY GUILT FREE
The menu is dairy and gluten free and is largely vegetarian. We have included a fish and chicken dish and most ingredients will be organic and locally sourced.

Here is a taste of the menu:

Super Green Smoothie
Buckwheat Blinis with Cashew Cream Cheese and a variety of toppings - asparagus, dill and smoked salmon and more
Raw, warmed Corn Chowder 
Seed and gluten free rolls
Unhulled Strawberry Sorbet
Seafood Nori rolls with Cucumber sauce
Broccoli, Carrot and Apple salad with home made Coconut yogurt (YES, HOME MADE)
Fragrant Chicken 
Cauliflower Rice (grain free!)
Celebration Raw Berry Torte - no cooking required
Seasonal Stewed Fruit 
Chai tea - Catherine's own blend

All recipes will be provided, however the Thermomix will not be provided. Please note that the recipes can be made without a Thermomix.


Errol Street Chiropractic Centre
222 Errol St Nth Melb

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