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What does 9 year old Vincenzo say about 'numbers' in our food!


  • Firstly foods with numbers are bad food - they can make you sick, vomit or have a  disease.
    • Secondly it may taste good but too much salt and too much sugar and it can make you sick.
    • Lastly, foods with numbers are like a drug. You keep wanting more cigarettes and you keep wanting more bad food.”

Vincenzo is one of our practice members who is brought in for regular spinal check-ups along with his three siblings by his parents. 

One day his mum, Georgina was telling me the story about Vincenzo having found some 2 minute noodles hidden in the pantry. He went to his mum and informed her of all the ‘numbers’ in the noodles. Without any discussion he took the packets (yes, more than one -to Georgina’s embarrassment) threw them all in the bin. No ifs or buts. He then said to his mum ‘ Mum, you always tell us to eat healthy, so you shouldn’t buy any foods with numbers!’ 

Well, I had to hold myself back from bursting out laughing because Vincenzo was so serious as his mum was telling me the story. 

Needless to say, Georgina dares not put any nasty foods in her trolley (even as a last resort snack), as she is afraid that Vincenzo will throw it out and more embarrassingly tell on his mum to his chiropractor!!!

Thank-you Vincenzo for your wise contribution to our newsletter and for being such a wonderful health advocate. And Mum, you have done a great job! (I have forgiven you for the 2 minute noodles).
Posted on: 31st May, 2015
Categories: Nutrition, Wellness
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