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Are there times in your day where you:

  • * feel overwhelmed? 
  • * are anxious?
  • * overreact to situations and regret it later?
  • * over indulge in cigarettes, food, wine, internet games, coffee etc and want to change?
  • * want to feel more at ease?
  • * crave peace & quiet?
  • * wish to reduce the ‘chatter’ in your head - JUST CAN’T TURN IT OFF?
  • * suffering with pain and inflammation?
  • * too tired, wake up tired, can’t get out of bed?
  • * find yourself wanting to block out sound and bright lights?
  • * don’t want to go to work?


BUT, I hear you say “Dr. Lisa, I’m not stressed - I have nothing to stress about!”
Stress can be PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND CHEMICAL in nature.  It can be anything that your doesn’t allow your body to grow, to glow and to be in harmony!

So on Monday the 10th August at 7pm Mary Rophael and myself will be looking at what stress does to us on a physiological level, on other words what can go wrong with our health and then we can do to get our bodies and mind back in balance.

I, Dr Lisa Smycz will look at the science, the part of the nerve system, our sympathetic nerve system, that when out of balance can cause things like anxiety, tension in our chest, tightness in our shoulders, digestive issues and even fertility issues. 

I will show you the signs, so even though you may not think you are stressed, you will be able to find our for yourself if your body and mind are STRESSED.

We know stress has a negative impact on our mind and our bodies and by learning the SIGNS OF STRESS, you can then get on the way to releasing this stress and regaining energy and vitality in day to day life. Life will be more empowering and Mary Rophael will give you the tools.

Mary Rophael is a Transformational Coach and Meditation Consultant. Her passion is to share her knowledge and expertise on the power of mind, body and spirit, offering ways to transform from the inside out. 

“We are living in a time of privilege and ease. With the latest technology to simplify our lives and abundant choices in services that were not available a decade ago.

So why is it that more and more people are feeling stressed, dissatisfied with life and feeling stuck? If this resonates with you or your friends, then I invite you to join us.

During this session I will be discussing how our thoughts create our reality. That there are certain emotions that create a pattern of thinking that too often does not serve us. That it is our beliefs from past experiences and anticipation of future events that can create negative thoughts. These thoughts then create feelings which impact our choices, which guide our actions. 

When we understand how our mind works and why we feel the way we do, we can then choose a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving, thus creating a new reality and positive mind. C reating a positive mind has a direct impact on your body. As your thoughts are created by your mind and your feelings are created by your body. 

To change the way the way we think we need to reprogram our subconscious mind, which makes up 95% our our mind, as our conscious mind makes up only 5%. The most powerful tool for reprogramming our subconscious mind is with meditation. So there will be a 20 minute mediation focusing on creating a new mind.

I look forward to seeing you. 


WHEN: Monday August 10th 
TIME: 7.00pm 
COST: $20
WHERE: Errol Street Chiropractic Centre  222 Errol St Nth Melbourne

BOOK: call 9329 1118 to reserve you seat 
Posted on: 30th July, 2015
Categories: Seminar, Wellness
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