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School Readiness Program at Errol Street Chiropractic Centre

We need to understand that all learning requires movement. If a child is learning to hop or ride a bike, it makes sense that movement is involved in learning these new activities. ALSO, when a child learns to read or write, then movement is involved - the eyes need to move across the page, the neck needs to move and the the child needs to CONTROL movement in their body so that they KEEP STILL.

For all this learning, whether in the classroom, playground or sportsfield the NERVE SYSTEM needs to be COMMUNICATING WITH THE BODY.

Read on to see if your child/grandchild is demonstrating the following concerns that may indicate that the nerve system is not switching on properly. And if so what can WE DO AT ERROL STREET CHIRO TO HELP...

Are you concerned with the development of your child’s:

  - Reading
  - Writing
  - Attention
  - Concentration
  - Memory
  - Balance
  - Coordination of both sides of the body?

Or would just like to make sure your child is progressing well?

Research has shown that our ability to coordinate our movements and our intelligence and learning capacity are related.   Most learning delays in children are closely linked with poor gross and fine motor skills and balance control.

Our chiropractors are available for development and school readiness assessments to make sure your child’s brain and body are well equipped with the essential elements to allow them to strive at school and function at their optimum.

Through detailed assessment our chiropractors work out a specific program including chiropractic adjustments and brain stimulating exercises, which will help to train your child’s brain to function better cognitively and assist in getting their learning and development back on track.

Call 9329 1118 to book a time for your child.
Posted on: 22nd February, 2017
Categories: Brain health, Children
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