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Paracetamol Ineffective for Back Pain - may pose Danger

According to a new research paper in the British Medical Journal 3 million Australians face serious health risks by taking Paracetamol for back pain, neck pain and arthritis. This drug can not only lead to life-threatening complications such as liver damage if too many are taken, but it appeared to be ineffective in treating back pain and arthritis. In Australia 13% of the population suffer from back pain, neck pain and headaches, leading to a restriction in their ability to perform normal everyday tasks, such as getting out of bed, exercise or working. The restricted mobility and pain means that many people are resorting to drugs such as Paracetamol to relieve their symptoms. It's too easy to pop a pill, but we now know that this action is not only preventing you from finding out the TRUE CAUSE of your problem, but is found to be ineffective and more importantly dangerous.

Back pain and stiffness is often due to a lack of good posture and a lack of spinal joint movement. A chiropractor is trained to assess spinal alignment and function and help to restore them through gentle adjustments to the spine. Panadol, which contains Paracetamol, does not restore spinal function and alignment. 
The Harvard Medical School is one of the leading health establishments in the world, recently published a paper stating that chiropractic are may be helpful for back pain, migraine, neck pain and whiplash.  

At Errol Street Chiropractic in North Melbourne we also look at helping people reduce their day to day stressors on their body by looking at how they sit, sleep, move, nourish their body and deal with stress. 
So if looking after your health is important and you prefer a natural drug-free approach then visiting a chiropractor is a great start. 
Posted on: 31st May, 2015
Categories: Back Pain, Nutrition
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