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Maximised Nutrition Seminar - Tuesday November 17th 7pm

This program may be for you if you are..

     - sick (pardon the pun) of taking medication and you believe there is another way.   
   After all high blood (BP) pressure is not due to a lack of BP medication, just as a   
   headache is not due to a lack of pain killers. 
   (We never advise people to go off medication - we work with your GP)

     - don't want to suffer like some of your friends and family around you

     - wanting to do feel more energetic than ever

     - wanting to reconnect with your body and take control

     - feel you are aging quicker than you should

     - feel your weight needs normalising

     - know that dieting is only temporary and you just need to know how to look after yourself properly

     - just love to hear me talk

It isn't surprising that 1 in 6 couples are having trouble conceiving, that this generation is the first to have an expected life span less than their parents, and that the umbilical cord of a new born already contains over 200 chemicals, some of which are not in use today.

Learn as much about YOUR BODY & YOUR HEALTH as you can. Remember, you have probably heard me saying it a hundred times minimum, It's how you 


                                           EAT & 


These 3 lifestyle areas if addressed properly will help you live an abundant life full of health, energy and kids/grandkids! 

Your body, your health, your responsibility. 

  QUESTION 3: WHAT WILL I (Dr. Lisa chiropractor)  DO?
I am going to give you the most up to date and researched information that will make you say ' WHY  DIDN'T ANYONE/MY GP/MY MOTHER/FATHER/TEACHER/PREACHER  tell me this before.

We will talk about health myths such as : 

- 'fats are bad for us'  
- why sugar, even in fruit, can make you fat 
- and what current research is saying about eating wheat and how it can turn off  your 'I'm full' hormone in your brain!  
You will learn how to eat in accordance to your genetic make-up, not in accordance to  what the wheat boards, or dairy boards, or government say and LOSE WEIGHT! 
 Call 9329 1118 to reserve your seat 
or email us at: 

Tuesday November 17th 7.00pm

Fee: $25 practice members and non-practice members
Raw Food platter provided 


Posted on: 28th October, 2015
Categories: Nutrition, Seminar, Weight Loss, Wellness
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