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Improve Your Digestive Health with Arabella Forge

Learn how to improve your digestive health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Arabella will discuss key nutrients and lifestyle practices that are imperative for good digestive health and how they can be effortlessly incorporated into your daily routine.

This event may be for you if you:-
  •  - feel bloated after meals
  •  - if your energy levels are less than 10/10
  •  - want to learn more about gut flora and their health benefits 
  •  - have allergies, intolerances or think you might
  •  - want to simplify your eating so you are eating what your body truly requires

Then come along - you will get more out of this evening than you think AND it's FREE. 

There will also be a short cooking demonstration, plus some delicious nibbles to taste on the night.WHEN: Tuesday June 9th
TIME: 7.00pm
WHERE: Errol Street Chiropractic Centre
      222 Errol Street North Melbourne
TO BOOK: call 9329 1118 or email Arabella at
FEE: free

Who is Arabella Forge?
Arabella Forge is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Registered Nutritionist (RN). She specialises in the fields of weight loss and digestive health and has worked for over a decade improve the health of patients through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Arabella has completed training as a GAPS practitioner and Certified Body Ecologist (CBE). She is currently a regular health columnist for Fairfax media and has written two books; Frugavore: How to Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing & Eat Well (2010) and How to Eat Organic on a Budget (2015). She presents a regular cooking and gardening segment on Channel 10 and teaches cooking classes which focus on digestive health, weight loss and nutrition. 

We welcome Arabella to Errol Street Chiropractic Centre
On Friday June the 5th, Arabella will start consulting at Errol Street Chiropractic. Here are some details..

Initial consultation: $120.00 (1 hour)
Subsequent consultations: $70.00 (1/2 hour)
Medicare rebates:
If you can obtain a referral from a General Practitioner, you are entitled to $52.80 back from Medicare for up to 5 appointments.  
Private health rebates: 
Depending on your level of cover, you are entitled from $15-$60 back from private health insurance.  

For bookings and inquiries: 
Please email: or phone 0403 926 091
Posted on: 31st May, 2015
Categories: Nutrition
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