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Impact of Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment to the Brain and Limb Muscles -Research

With previous research by the New Zealand College, showing that chiropractic spinal adjustments can increase the strength of leg muscles, the team were interesting in knowing whether the increase in muscle strength was occurring at the brain or spinal cord level.

The lead author Heidi Haavik (PhD, DC). “One other thing we measured in this study was a type of brain measure that we know is 100% happening in the brain (and not the spinal cord) called a Movement Related Cortical Potential (MRCP).”
Haavik went on to explain that the early part of the MRCP is known to happen only at the level of the cortex, the outer or the new part of the brain.

“This research has big implications,” says an enthusiastic Heidi Haavik. “It is possible that patients who have lost muscle tonus and/or are recovering from muscle degrading dysfunctions such as stroke or orthopaedic operations could also benefit from chiropractic care. These findings are also very relevant to sports performers (although this too must also be followed up with more research), because it indicates that chiropractic care may help their brains to more efficiently produce greater outputs. So all in all a very exciting study!”

[1] Haavik H, Niazi IK, Jochumsen M, Sherwin D, Flavel S, Türker KS. (2017) Impact of spinal manipulation on cortical drive to upper and lower limb muscles. Brain Sciences. In Press
Posted on: 19th February, 2017
Categories: Research, Sport, Wellness, Brain health
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