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Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), your PHONE and YOU

In Chiropractic, stresses can be looked at from three main areas: Physical (eg.sitting and posture), Emotional ( and family stress) and Chemical (eg.pesticides, alcohol and pollution). To be able to express your greatest level of health, you must be able to adapt optimally to internal and external stressors, including environmental stresses. When our bodies experience excessive stress we adapt in a manner which is less than optimal, resulting in less than optimal health. One of the roles a Chiropractors is to involve people in their own health and educating them in ways to reduce areas of unnecessary stress.

    A relatively recent addition to our environmental stress is electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Some people like to look at EMF as its own category of stress, whilst some don't even acknowledge it as a stress at all. Despite EMF’s occurring naturally and humans co-evolving with them, artificial levels have increased beyond natural levels with technological advancements.
Electromagnetic waves are formed when an electric field is coupled with a magnetic field. Different wavelengths produce different electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, micro waves and visible light. EMF are produces from devices such as mobile phones, wireless connections, phone towers and broadcasting studios.    
    Jim Waugh writes in his book, ‘Living safely with electromagnetic radiation’ of researcher Dr. George Carlo. Dr. Carlo was part of a research team of 200 researcher who had funding terminated for their long term study of mobile phone safety after results started to show leakage within the blood brain barrier (BBB) and micronuclei in blood cells (1) during the 1990’s.
As research continued, it showed that the BBB disruptions were a result from the body being sensitive to high and low EMF(1), lower than those which are able to heat body tissue. EMF’s have a half life penetration depth of several centimetres, which cell membranes constitute no obstacle. Membrane piercing EMF’s can therefore travel deep into tissue, potentially causing the cell to go into ‘defence mode’ as it feels its under attack! It is important to note that research from Dr. Bruce Lipton shows that a cell can be in only one of two states; defensive and thriving. As a result, radio-frequency fields can have a multiplicity of carcinogenic effects. Such as directly influencing DNA damage, inhibiting the DNA repair mechanism and affecting gene expression (3).
Nutrient and waste channels close off and calcium influx increases as cells take up a defensive state and can lead to a build up of free radicals, which disrupt cell mitochondria causing the cells to again not be able to function properly.
Furthermore cell intercommunication is affected. Cells within the BBB may become dysfunctional, allowing toxins to breach and enter the delicate environment of the brain. Free radicals may be created which interfere with DNA repair and potentially allowing formation of tumours(1).

Moreover, suggested mechanism have been made, linking EMF as a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease. For example low frequency radiation can increase plaque formation in the brain, which is seen in Alzheimer’s disease. It is thought to suppress the function of the pineal gland, which produces melatonin, a hormone believed to protect the brain against damage(2). Dementia (Alzheimer’s disease being the most common form) now affects 35.6 million people world wide. This figures are expected to double by 2030 and triple by 2050 according to the WHO. As with cancer, Alzheimers disease may have many ‘potential’ causes and it seems to vary according to individuals.
Such research shows the damage EMF may have. However, how individuals’ bodies respond to EMF varies and is unknown. EMF’s have only been investigated for individual frequencies and data for combined frequencies and biological effects is lacking (2).
SAR testing is done using human representations (models with the same electrical potential as humans), to protect users from heat generated by microwave radiation, i.e.. thermal energy. But testing hasn’t been done for non thermal energy, ie., EMF. Furthermore, SAR testing also don’t use model representation of children, which can absorb up to twice the radiation! This lack of evidence is concerning considering the increased use of electrical devices by children.
Countries such as France, Germany and even Australia are pulling back from wi-fi connections and recommending hard wire connections. France has also banned wi-fi in daycare centres, require grade school teachers to turn of wi-fi connection and have placed a ban on advertising of mobile phones to children under 12yrs as of January 1st 2016.
Moreover, the International Agency for Cancer Research (IACR) a branch of the World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies EM fields as a class 2B carcinogen, meaning there could be some risk. With more research needing to be done.
With so many chemicals and toxins in our environment at present, (including EMF’s) the combined affects on individuals are unknown. But what is know is that the rate of cancer and Alzheimer’s is on the rise. By 2025 the CDC expect 19.3 millions new cancer diagnoses whilst the WHO estimate that the number of new cancer case is projected to rise by 70% over the next 20 years. However, these figures only reflect population growth and ageing. The actual figure will likely be much larger due to lifestyle factors.

In today’s world there are many unavoidable stresses/toxins and many avoidable ones. Some of those have been labeled ‘potential’ cancer causes when in isolation, with the combined effects unknown. To give your body the best ability to adapt to unavoidable stresses and express your highest level of health, it helps if you rid the avoidable ones! Although you might not have the ability to live a completely ‘stress and toxin free’ life, you do have the choice and power to make decisions which will push you in that direction. Therefore, by reducing your exposure to EMF’s, you will be removing unnecessary stress and helping you a achieve a healthier self!

1. Waugh, J, Living Saftely with Electromagnetic Radiation, Castle Mountain Publishing, 2010.
2. Henshaw DL, Re: Use of mobile phones and risk of brain tumours: update of Danish cohort study. Free, et al. 343:doi:10.1136/bmj.d6387,
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- Avoid unnecessary mobile phone use. Use a landline when possible.
- When using a mobile phone, keep the conversations short and if possible use the ‘speaker phone’ option so the phone isn’t as close to your head.
- Send texts instead of calls when possible.
- Avoid carrying your phone on you and direct skin contact
- Avoid microwave use, especially older ones as the seals may leak radiation. If you must, leave the room.
- Limit or completely stop you children (including early teenagers)  from using a mobile and devices connected to the wi-fi, e.g. iPads as they are more sensitive.  When they require a mobile for example travelling by themselves, make them aware of the health implication of excessive phone usage so they know to limit usage to only necessary occasion. Not to mention the negative postural effects excessive use has.
- Try and turn off your wi-fi modem at night or at least remove devises form your room
If moving house, consider proximity to cell phone towers, transformers and high voltage power lines.
- Look into getting EMF protecting phone cases
Posted on: 20th April, 2016
Categories: Research, Health Risks
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