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Easy, Fast Cooking with the new Thermomix 5 - 8 courses served!

We have the privilege of a super Thermomix demonstrator, Catherine Day, preparing over 8 courses of mouth watering, delicious foods with the help of the new Thermomix 5 (and myself - doing the washing up!!) If you haven't seen a Thermomix before, or you have a Thermomix (TM31) and are curious to see how the new one works, or you just don't feel like cooking on the 22nd of October, then join us for a super healthy dinner. COMPLETELY GUILT FREE
The menu is dairy and gluten free and is largely vegetarian. We have included a fish and chicken dish and most ingredients will be organic and locally sourced.

Here is a taste of the menu:

Super Green Smoothie
Buckwheat Blinis with Cashew Cream Cheese and a variety of toppings - asparagus, dill and smoked salmon and more
Raw, warmed Corn Chowder 
Seed and gluten free rolls
Unhulled Strawberry Sorbet
Seafood Nori rolls with Cucumber sauce
Broccoli, Carrot and Apple salad with home made Coconut yogurt (YES, HOME MADE)
Fragrant Chicken 
Cauliflower Rice (grain free!)
Celebration Raw Berry Torte - no cooking required
Seasonal Stewed Fruit 
Chai tea - Catherine's own blend

All recipes will be provided, however the Thermomix will not be provided. Please note that the recipes can be made without a Thermomix.

Bring along a BIG appetite (no aprons required!!)

Tickets are $50
Call 9329 1118 to book and pay

Wednesday October 22nd at 6.30pmErrol Street Chiropractic Centre
222 Errol St Nth Melb
Posted on: 3rd October, 2014
Categories: Nutrition
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