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Denneroll Studies showing the short term and long term improvements for Neck Problems

Here are the results of 2 recent studies (Randomised Control Trials) on the benefits of the use of the neck (cervical) Denneroll.
The Denneroll is a spinal orthotic used by some chiropractors.

In the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

By Ibrahim M MOUSTAFA, Aliaa DIAB, Shimaa Taha, Deed HARRISON
"The addition of a sagittal cervical posture corrective orthotic device to a multimodal rehabilitation program improves short and long term outcomes in patients with discogenic cervical radiculopathy."

This study looks at how improving the normal forward side curve of the neck and head positioning along with other physical therapies had a more favourable outcome in radiating nerve pain than those subjects that had physical therapy alone.
The group that didn't use the Denneroll did not show as significant improvements in nerve pain, neck curve or head positioning and when this group we re-tested in the following year the improvements went back to baseline. In other words they got worse, whereas the Denneroll group maintained their improvements.
The study states that the improvement in the curve and head positioning was most likely the reason for the positive improvements in the people studied, especially long term.

In the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
By Ibrahim Moustafa MOUSTAFA, Aliaa DIAB, Deed HARRISON
"The Effect of Normalizing the Sagittal Cervical Configuration on Dizziness, Neck Pain , and Cervicocephalic Kinesthetic Sensibility: A 1-Year Randomized Controlled Study."

'The prevalence of dizziness in the general population has been estimated to be between 11-29%.' this study states.

The research looked at how the addition of the neck Denneroll (orthotic) to other forms of treatment (soft tissue therapy, joint mobitisation and exercise) helped dizziness, neck pain and neck movement, short term and in a years time. Both groups at 10 weeks showed similar improvements in symptoms, however the Denneroll group showed a greater improvement in the normal forward neck curve and head positioning. After one year both groups again maintained improvements however the Denneroll group demonstrated greater improvements in symptoms and neck curve and positioning.

So now we have some wonderful research to show that the Denneroll does make changes and not just short term, but the changes seem long lasting (at least 1 year) after a short 10 week usage. It makes absolute sense that the nerve system, the joints and soft tissue structures in the neck would be functioning optimally (as they should) if there is better neck alignment and positioning.
If you have neck pain or just want to find out how your neck curve is looking before symptoms begin, then it might be a great idea to get a chiropractic check-up.
Posted on: 14th September, 2016
Categories: Denneroll, Research, Neck pain
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