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Can a healthy spine help you live longer?- research

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A study in the Journal of  Gerontology A Bio Sci Med Sci in 2013  where 1,196  women aged around 65  years were followed for 15 years to see if and how the health of their upper  back affected their physical function. 

The study concluded that as the upper back curve increased (Dowager’s hump) their ability to move decreased. These people with a Dowager’s hump walked slower and were not able to get up from a chair as easily as someone with a well functioning spine.

WOW ! So gaining and maintaining your spinal health is really best way to ensure that you not only look great now, but keep looking great into your later years - and as a fabulous side effect, move better.

Chiropractic care helps just that.

Posted on: 22nd May, 2014
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