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Our reception room was packed as nearly 20 people squeezed in! I would like to thank all of you who attended - we even had one person turn up who woke up early as he was doing night shift. Thats dedication!
I would like to thank Mary for her amazing presentation. Everyone was so relaxed after the meditation! Her personal story or her transformation from a life of feeling ‘empty’ to a life that is full of joy and divine creations was heart felt! So many in the room could relate to Mary’s story and drew, not only from her story but from her insights in transforming our old beliefs into new beliefs that serve us. Mary reminded us that our beliefs create our feelings, that create our thoughts and then actions. Also, what we focus on becomes our reality, so focusing on what we want as opposed to what we don’t want is important when we want to transform our lives. We are responsible for our reality, for our lives so this understanding is the first step in making positive changes in our lives.
It was truly an amazing evening and it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly if it wasn’t for Bree’s quiet and efficient efforts. Thanks Bree - we all love you.

And that was Mary’s big take home message was to love. If we don’t love ourselves firstly we cannot change. She gave us many tips and one that I will share with you is the simple but powerful self talk when we wake up and when we go to bed. When we wake up we can remind ourselves what we are grateful for in our lives, and we can also create in our minds  what we want to happen, feel and experience in the events that are to transpire during the day. We can help to set ourselves up for truly empowering experiences just by imaging how wonderful it’s going to be before it even happens. Don’t take our word for it - TRY IT.

If you wish to attend a meditation class with Mary or see Mary for a one on one Transformational consultation then email her on :
Posted on: 18th August, 2015
Categories: Events
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