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THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC - we cannot weight any longer

Cyndi O’meara is an Australian nutritionist and in her latest newsletter she had a very interesting article about the obesity epidemic and what action steps our government is taking to help. I was shocked and want to share with you what Cyndi wrote. It emphasizes to me that we


The organisation, Obesity Australia put out a report titled ; Obesity: A National Epidemic and its Impact on Australia. The first interesting point was who was funding this report - a unrestricted grant from Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals P/L  - yes you got it, a pharmaceutical company. 

Obesity Australia believes that 90% of the population are predisposed genetically to be fat and obese and that obesity in the western world has increased dramatically since 1990. In the male population, 69.7% are obese and the females, 56.7%.  Two things here. The first that 90% of the population is not obese, so what about the 20% or so of men who are not obese and have the obese genes and same for  the 34% of women in our population. Before 1990, let’s say in the 1950’s, where obesity levels were around 10% - so secondly, would you say our genes have changed since then - absolutely not. 

So the question is “What has changed?”
Our LIFESTYLE has changed, how we THINK, EAT and MOVE!

I agree with the report that obesity brings about many health issues, such as sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, kidney dysfunction, type 2 diabetes, cognitive impairment and depression, cancer, fatty liver disease and osteoarthritis.  

The report concluded that we should define obesity as a ‘disease’ and gain support from the government and stop this epidemic that is costing us lives and billions in tax dollars. Most would agree with this - we must stop this.

THE SOLUTION, in respect to the report is to FIND MEDICATIONS FOR OBESITY alongside a weight management program. And to top it off, if the AMA (Australian Medical Association) classify obesity as a disease then GP’s would make $20 per obese patient and with 6.3 million obese people that equates to $6.6 billion dollars a day if they prescribe medication which is currently on trial. How much more is this going to cost the tax payer? That is if obesity is classed as a disease. America has already classed it as a disease and let’s hope Australia doesn’t.

Even a 6th grader knows medication is not the answer to our obesity problem.

So please, for your sake and your children, get informed and make the most natural, organic and commonsense choices when it comes to what you put in your fridges, freezers and pantries.


Posted on: 27th July, 2014
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