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Finally - Toddler Pillows!

Toddler Pillow
For those who have young children you would know of the difficulty in finding a toddler and young child’s pillow. You may also have made the interesting journey of finding out WHEN should my child start using a pillow? I, as a chiropractor, could not recommend a toddler/young child pillow because there weren’t any around. Finally, a chiropractor has designed a range of orthopaedic pillows for our young ones, called Ollie Owl pillows. You will find them in our practice.

In terms of when a child should start using a pillow, it is generally around 18mths, but depends on a few factors, so, just as we measure up adults, we will measure up little ones for a pillow that is perfect to support their growing bodies.

Posted on: 10th May, 2014
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