Errol Street Chiropractic Centre Family Wellness care

I am Dr. Lisa Smycz

(Doctor of Chiropractic) from Errol Street Chiropractic Centre in North Melbourne.
I am a family wellness chiropractor, helping you and your family stay strong and healthy. If you are suffering from back or neck pain, stiffness or headaches, or just feel ‘something is not quite right’, your body may be telling you that your spine is out of alignment and interfering with your nerve function and overall health.

A properly functioning spine is vital for great health.

If your health is a priority to you then getting your spine checked will assist you in moving well and  feeling great so you can get though your day effortlessly. A well moving and aligned spine allows your master controller, your nerve system, to send appropriate messages to your limbs and organs - who wouldn't want that!

If you are pregnant, a well moving spine & pelvis will help you carry and birth your baby with more ease. Chiropractic can help.

If you want the best for your baby, then early assessments will help to make sure they are meeting their milestones and that their development is on track.

If your child has posture problems, then our safe, gentle and naturally drug-free care helps their spinal alignment and assists in their healthy posture and growth.

FREE Initial assessment valued at $89.

At your initial assessment I will

  • Check your medical history 
  • Assess your general health
  • Do an assessment including a physical, neurological, postural and functional examination
  • Discuss whether I can help you and consider your options

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Does the key to great health reside in your spine? Join Dr Lisa Smycz at her regular Monday evening information sessions, including a free spinal check-up and Q&A segment. Learn more.

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If your health is important to you then don't wait for pain: don't wait to get worse.

Using an advanced scientific system called Chiropractic BioPhysics, I show you where the abnormal changes are in your spine so you understand what is happening in your body. I then create a carefully-planned series of treatments and exercises to put you on a pain-free road to better posture, better movement and better health. For some it seems like a miracle, but it’s actually advanced spinal care.

If you are tired of living in pain or you’re ready to take your health to a new level, then please book an appointment. Take advantage of my special offer and come in for your initial assessment absolutely free.